How to make a complaint

If you are already dealing with a council officer or you know which service to contact, you may wish to raise an issue by telephone, email, in writing, or in person. Often, matters can be resolved quickly at an informal stage. If you are unsure about which part of the council is responsible, please use our A to Z to find the relevant information or telephone the switchboard on (020) 8825 5000.

However you may wish to pursue the formal corporate complaints process.

Please remember to include:

  • the nature of the complaint
  • any time, date, location details 
  • what you would like to see as an outcome

Which forms to use

Using the online complaints form
Using our online form to make a complaint will ensure it's directed to the right officer automatically. It also helps ensure we collect all the relevant information from you so that we can deal with your complaint efficiently.

You should not use the online form if you are appealing a penalty charge notice or if you are reporting a problem for the first time and the department has not had an opportunity to deal with your service request.

Make a complaint online

Please select the nature of your complaint from the following list:

Adult social care
Arts, heritage and libraries
Blue Badges
Children's social care
Community safety and anti-social behaviour
Council tax
Customer services
Graffiti and flytipping
Freedom Pass
Controlled parking zones - implementation and consultation
Property and regeneration
Refuse and recycling collection - Please do not use this form to report a missed rubbish or recycling collection. To do this please complete the missed collections form
Road and footpath maintenance
Sports and leisure
Street cleaning
Street lighting