Complaints policy

The complaints policy aims clarify how the public can make a complaint or appeal and define the standards they can expect. The policy seeks to create a positive approach to complaints where they are valued as a means of continuously reviewing and improving the services we offer. 

Unreasonably persistent complainants and unreasonable complainant behaviour
Ealing Council is committed to dealing with all complaints equitably, comprehensively, and in a timely manner. Usually dealing with complaints is a straightforward process, but in a minority of cases complainants pursue their cases in a way that can impede the investigation of their complaint or have significant resource issues for the council.

The aim of this policy is to help the council deal with unreasonably persistent complaints and unreasonable complainant behaviour in ways that are consistent and fair. It lets staff and customers know what we consider to be unreasonable complainant behaviour. It sets out what is expected of staff when they are confronted by such behaviour, what options are available, and who can authorise the options.

Policy on dealing with "unreasonably persistent complainants" and "unreasonable complainant behaviour"