Bulky items collection

You need to book an appointment for a bulky waste collection.

What to do on collection day 

Book a collection to collect large items too big to fit in your bin.

If you have an appointment booked:

  • only put out the items that you have booked for collection 
  • put the items at the front of your property by 7am. We will collect items between 7am and 3pm
  • leave them where they can be seen, at the front or side of your home
  • do not obstruct the pavement or street 

We will only collect items that you have listed for collection and that the collection crew can get to. 

If you live on a council estate, please bring the items to the ground level and put them by the bins outside. 

What we collect

  • Several items in a box or plastic bag should be listed as 1 item
  • A bed base and mattress will be counted as 2 items
  • Broken furniture must be bundled and tied up securely and is also classed as 1 item

It must be of a size and weight that 2 people can carry.


  • Up to 8 items: £48
  • Fridge or freezer: £32 each
  • If more than 8 items we will need to inspect the items and give you a quote

We do not offer discounts or refunds. 

What we do not collect

  • From commercial premises or red routes. You will need to arrange a collection from a licensed waste contractor instead
  • Builders rubbish, bricks, concrete, iron baths, pianos, asbestos, earth, sand, gravel, tins of paint, oil, boilers or chemical storage tanks, gas cylinders, tyres, batteries or dead domestic pets
  • Any items which breach health and safety regulations, for example asbestos, gas cylinders and any other hazardous waste

Other ways to get rid of large items

To get rid of other large items you can: 

Book a collection

You must read the terms and conditions before making a booking.

There is no limit on the number of collections booked in a year.

There is a maximum of 3 items per collection for fridges or freezers.

Book a bulky items collection