Order a bin, box or bags

Use this service to order bins and bags for:

  • rubbish
  • recycling
  • food waste

You can also request:

  • a new rubbish bin if your bin is lost, damaged or stolen (for any replacement bins required by your household, we charge a £10 admin fee)
  • an extra rubbish bin if you need more bin space

If your home has outside space at the front, you will have:

  • household rubbish collected from a black wheelie bin 
  • mixed recycling collected from a blue wheelie bin 
  • food waste collected from a small green food waste bin
  • garden waste collected from a green wheelie bin or reusable sacks (if you have signed up and paid for this service)

Some homes do not have space for wheelie bins and instead have mixed recycling collected from green boxes or clear recycling sacks, rubbish collected in black bags and garden waste collected in biodegradable sacks.

Before you start

Some bins are not right for some properties.

You can check what type of collection is available for your home. You will only be able to order the bins or sacks that you qualify for.

If you have more rubbish than will fit in your bin, you can ask for a bigger bin or an extra bin. We will check that you recycle as much as you can, before agreeing to send you a new bin. 

You will need to pay for a new or replacement rubbish bin:

  • £50 for a standard sized bin
  • £75 for a large bin

If you are eligible to purchase a larger rubbish bin, your current rubbish bin will be removed once your new one is delivered. 

We keep records of the correct number of bins at each property and extra bins will not be emptied unless already agreed by us.

You can also order an extra wheelie bin for recycling or an extra food waste bin. You do not need to pay for recycling or food waste bins.

You will need

  • credit or debit card
  • managing agent or landlord details, for shared bin orders

What happens next

We aim to deliver the bin or sacks within 10 working days. It may take longer if we need to check the order is right for you.

We will contact you if we need more information. 

This form should take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Order a new or replacement bin, box or bags

Collections from flats

If you live in a flat above a shop or in an estate, you will use either the mixed clear sacks for recycling service and black bags for rubbish or communal bins. 

You can order a shared bin online. This is usually something your managing agent or landlord would pay for. 

If you are already subscribed to the garden waste collection service, you can use this form to ask for replacement containers, if yours have been lost or stolen.

If you want to join the service or you need more containers, please use the garden waste sign up.