Disputing a penalty charge notice (PCN)

If you think a penalty charge notice has been wrongly issued, you can challenge it.  

How to dispute a PCN

Dispute your PCN

Challenges and representations can also be made by post, to: Ealing Council, Parking services, PO Box 46264, London W5 2UN.

Appealing to the London Tribunals

If your formal representation is rejected by the council, you will get a notice of rejection letter with a notice of appeal (NOA) form. If you are not happy with the decision, the (NOA) form can be used to appeal to an independent adjudicator at the London Tribunals. If you decide not to appeal, then you must pay the  amount owed within 28 days, starting from the date on which the notice of rejection letter is served. If you choose to appeal to London Tribunals you will need to pay the full charge.

Can I dispute my PCN over the phone?

You cannot dispute a PCN by phone. All disputes must be made in writing (online or by post), in line with parking legislation.