Strategies, plans and policies

As part of the Future Ealing programme, the council has identified nine ways we want to make the borough better. This will be achieved in part through the delivery of our key strategies, plans and policies grouped below:

A growing economy creates jobs and opportunities for Ealing residents to reduce poverty and increase incomes

Local Implementation Plan (Transport) (2019-22)
Employment and skills strategy (2014-18)
Local Plan (2012-26)

Children and young people fulfil their potential

Ealing Learning Partnership (ELP) strategy and delivery plan (2019-21) 

Children and young people grow up safe from harm

Looked After Children (LAC) and care leavers sufficiency strategy (2018-21)
Carers strategy (2018-23)

Residents are physically and mentally healthy, active and independent

Tobacco control strategy (2016-21)
Ealing Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) (2018)
Ealing Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) (Various years)
Health and wellbeing strategy (2016-21)
Sexual health strategy (2015-2020)
Healthy weight, healthy lives strategy (2016-19)
Mental health and wellbeing strategy for adults (2017-22)
Child and adolescent mental health transformation plan (2015-20)

Ealing has an increasing supply of quality and affordable housing

Ealing homelessness reduction strategy (2018-22)
Housing and homelessness strategy (2014-19)
Private sector housing strategy (2014-19)
Empty property strategy (2017-22)

Crime is down and Ealing residents feel safe

Safer Ealing Partnership strategy (2016-19)

The borough has the smallest environmental footprint possible

Sustainable modes of travel strategy (2018-22)
Cycling plan (2018-22)
Parking plan (2018-22)
Transport strategy (2018-22)
Home Energy Conservation Act - further report (2017-19)
Local Flood Risk Management strategy (2016-22)

Ealing is a clean borough and a high-quality place where people want to live

West London Waste plan (2015-31)
Arts and culture strategy (2013-18)
Parking review strategy (2016-20)
Sports facility strategy (2018-21)
Playing pitch strategy (2017-31)

Ealing is a strong community that promotes diversity with inequality and discrimination reduced

Corporate Plan (2018-22)

Delivering our priorities

Customer services strategy (2017-21)
Equality and diversity policy (2014)
Capital strategy (2015-18)
Treasury management strategy (2018-19)
Medium term financial strategy (2018-21)
Digital strategy (2017-21)
Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) borough plan (2018-22)

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