Ealing’s climate and ecological strategy

What we are doing

In 2021 we published our ambitious climate and ecological emergency strategy, setting out how we will work towards making Ealing carbon neutral by 2030. The strategy focuses on five key areas we feel we can make the most difference. Each of the five themes within this strategy identifies unique objectives, targets and actions that will either reduce or capture carbon emissions in Ealing and beyond:

Our commitments

  • We have installed 233 on-street electric vehicle (EV) charging points with hundreds more planned. This will contribute towards the target of 2,000 EV charging points in the borough. There are also another 85 EV charging points on private land and Transport for London (TfL) roads, many of which are rapid chargers to help residents and businesses make the switch towards electric vehicles. 
  • We will build on positive changes introduced during the pandemic to enable residents to walk and cycle safely by creating more space for active travel and improving air quality. We will invest in our council homes to make them more energy efficient, and we will ensure new homes built meet the highest environmental standards. 
  • Our environmental services keep Ealing an attractive place to work and visit. We will increase our levels of household waste recycled, will pilot ultra-low waste neighbourhoods in Acton and improve the removal of fly tips and graffiti. 
  • We also want to have the best-in-class parks and open spaces which make Ealing a green and family friendly borough, whilst improving biodiversity and air quality. We have seen during the pandemic that access to green space is critical for residents’ health and wellbeing and want to increase access to open and green space. We are committed to planting 50,000 trees across Ealing and will continue to protect Ealing’s biodiversity, for all residents and visitors to enjoy. We want to ensure integration of open spaces into our physical environment in designing and developing new infrastructure and invest in existing facilities.