Ealing cultural manifesto and action plan 2023-28

367,100 Creatives - Ealing’s cultural manifesto for creative change

The aim of the Cultural Manifesto is to create direction, focus and purpose for culture in Ealing.

A wide range of voices have been involved in developing this manifesto. From young people to diverse communities in Acton, Southall, West Ealing, Ealing, and Perivale, as well as Descendants, Acton Youth Association, Southall Community Alliance, Afghan Academy, Polish Saturday School, and Impact Theatre.


  • A vision and action plan for Ealing, that achieves a change in the growth, resilience and sustainability of our creative economy and skills sectors
  • Promoting the excellence and accessibility in our arts, culture and heritage
  • Making sure creativity contributes to our sense of place and identity


  • Cultural democracy and democracy of cultures, reflecting all cultures of Ealing, protected characteristics and geographic equity
  • Co-authored and co-owned by the culture sector

Download our Ealing Cultural Manifesto and Action Plan 2023-28

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