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Planning services
Email all EIR planning requests to:
For more information view the hazardous substance register

Planning services manager: Aileen Jones
Contact: Chris Hall or Michele Power

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Building control
Email all EIR building control requests to:
For more information view the building control pages

Building control manager: Sean Cummins
Contact: Keith Walter or Barbara Tilley

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Local land charges
Email all EIR local land charges requests to:

Local land charges manager: Pat Morgan
Contact: Pat Morgan


Complying with planning policy
Ealing’s adopted 2004 Plan for the Environment, officially known as the Unitary Development Plan (or UDP) sets out the council's intentions for land use and development from 2002 to 2017. The council uses the UDP, together with the Mayor of London’s adopted Consolidated London Plan as the basis for dealing with planning applications.

An online version of the UDP is available, with an interactive format.

Pdf versions of the written statement (volume 1 and 2) are available together with copies of the various supplementary planning guidance/documents on the plan for the environment page:  

By virtue of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 each local planning authority is preparing a Local Development Framework (LDF) for spatial planning and property development in Ealing. This is an emerging portfolio of development plan documents (or DPDs) that sets out how Ealing may change over the next few years. The LDF will eventually replace the current UDP. Based on the current LDF timetable the UDP will be fully replaced by mid-2013.

There are no Urban Development Areas, Enterprise Zones or Simplified Planning Zones (SPZs) in the London Borough of Ealing.


Housing regeneration
Email all EIR regeneration requests to:

Information on the regeneration estates is available on the housing regeneration pages.

Housing regeneration manager: Mark Brayford
Contact: David Burns

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Email all EIR highways requests to:
For more information view the council's public notices

Road adoption information is available at Find your nearest

Highways management manager: Shahid Iqbal
Contact: Tony Sparks 


Transport planning
For information view the transport and streets pages

Transport planning manger: Nick O’Donnell
Contact: Mathew Bazergan, Anne Stevens (for 3.5)

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Legal manager: Jackie Adams

3.3 Thames Water
Information is available at:

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Regulatory services
Email all EIR regulatory services requests to:
For more information view the regulatory services pages

Regulatory services manager: Mark Wiltshire
Contact: Jess Murray

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Email all EIR parks requests to:
For more information view the parks and open spaces pages

Parks manager: Steve Marshall (assistant director,  leisure and green spaces)
Contact: Amber Davis

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