Illegal outhouses

Report an Illegal outhouse

An illegal outhouse is a garage, shed or temporary garden structure that is being used as a home without the council's permission. These outhouses can be poorly constructed, potentially dangerous, and may have sub-standard heating, water and electricity.

The council works with the police, fire brigade, HM Revenue and Customs, immigration officers and St Mungos Broadway homelessness charity to ensure that landlords:

  • do not provide substandard accommodation 
  • are not involved with criminal activity 
  • do not engage with illegal immigration 
  • pay the correct taxes

Planning permission may not be required for an outhouse that is below a certain size, as long as it is not being used for people to live in. For example, many people have outhouses in their gardens that they use as garages, studies or for storage.

If you are concerned about an outhouse in your area or suspect there may be people living in one you can report an illegal outhouse online or by email.

Report an illegal outhouse


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