Land searches

Fees and charges

Search fees from 1 April 2022

A standard official search costs £161 (including VAT)

Additional parcels of land cost £21 each (including VAT)

CON29O optional enquiries £18 each (including VAT) 

Breakdown of fees Fee VAT Total

Search of the local land charges register

 Official certificate of search (Form LLC1) only  £35  N/A  £35
 Additional parcels of land (each)  £6  N/A  £6
Form CON29 - Enquiries of local authority      
 CON29 standard enquiries - one parcel of land  £105  £21  £126
 CON29O optional enquiries (each)  £15  £3  £18
 Additional parcels of land (each)  £12.50  £2.50  £15
Personal searches of the local land charges register      
 Personal search of LLC Register only  Free  N/A  Free
Fee for report on property data (CON29)  £105  £21  £126
Registration of a local land charge on behalf of a third party (e.g. light obstruction notice) £75 N/A £75