Land searches

What's included in an official search

LLC1 form
The LLC1 form is a request for a search of the register of local land charges. Typical information that can be found on this register includes:

  • general or specific financial charges, which show money owed to the council for works to a property or where planning permission has been granted for a development
  • conditional planning permissions granted on a property since 1 August 1977
  • conservation areas, which are areas where development may be restricted in order to preserve the appearance of the area
  • Tree preservation orders, where works to trees may be restricted
  • Smoke control orders, which restrict the type of fuel that can be used in a property
  • buildings listed as being of special historical or architectural interest.

The present CON29 form, which came into force in July 2016, includes questions on:

1. Planning and building regulation applications

2. Roads and public rights of way

3. Other matters

3.1.  Land required for public purposes

3.2.  Land to be acquired for road works

3.3.  Drainage matters

3.4.  Nearby road schemes

3.5.  Nearby railway schemes

3.6.  Traffic schemes

3.7.  Outstanding notices

3.8. Contravention of building regulations

3.9.  Notices, orders, directions and proceedings under planning acts

3.10 Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

3.11. Conservation areas

3.12. Compulsory purchase

3.13. Contaminated land

3.14. Radon gas

3.15 Assets of Community Value

CON29 O - Optional additional questions
The revised CON29O form, which came into force in July 2016, should only be submitted if additional questions are required. These questions incur an additional fee and cover:

  • road proposals by private bodies
  • advertisements 
  • completion notices 
  • parks and countryside 
  • pipelines 
  • houses in multiple occupation 
  • noise abatement 
  • urban development areas 
  • enterprise zones, local development orders and BIDs
  • inner urban improvement areas 
  • simplified planning zones 
  • land maintenance notices 
  • mineral consultation and safeguarding areas 
  • hazardous substance consents 
  • environmental and pollution notices 
  • food safety notices 
  • hedgerow notices 
  • flood defence and land drainage consents
  • common land and town or village greens

The council does not stock copies of Forms LLC1, CON29 or CON29R. They are available from legal stationers