Pre-application advice


Under the Local Government Act 2003, Ealing Council has a pre-application charging service for all 'strategic, major and minor’ development proposals.

Preparing to carry out development can be expensive so to help you minimise the cost of the process, we encourage everyone to discuss their proposal with us before submitting a planning application form.  We know from experience that developers and potential applicants generally welcome and benefit from such a service.

The benefits of the pre-application service

  • It can save you time and money
  • It describes how the council's policies will be applied to your development 
  • Provides a forum for specialist officer input, enabling key planning issues to be identified at an early stage 
  • It provides an informal officer view on various aspects of the scheme
  • Ensures advice is provided within set timeframes 
  • Identifies the information requirements for planning applications 
  • Identifies potential Section 106 obligations and community infrastructure levy payments
  • Identifies the key community groups and other bodies you should liaise with 
  • Allows subsequent planning applications to be determined more quickly
  • Increases the likelihood of a successful outcome 
  • It gives a clear indication on proposals that are unacceptable, which will help avoid any unnecessary costs.

From Friday 1 March 2019, we will publish, without redaction, all viability statements and information submitted as part of a planning application. It is expected that planning agents will submit such information in a format suitable for immediate publication as part of the initial validation process.

For further information please refer to the publishing viability information statement.