Building control site inspections

COVID 19: update on booking site inspections

Site inspections can be booked and carried out as long as the following conditions are met:

For all inspections:

  • There is no-one with COVID-19 symptoms or self-isolating at the premises at the time of the inspection
  • Two metre social distancing should be observed at all times.

For internal inspections:

  • All windows are opened to maximise ventilation
  • No more than three people to be in a room at any one time - the owner, the contractor and the building control officer. Any others should move to another room
  • Should social distancing be difficult, the building control officer may choose to wear a face covering and request that other also do so.

If you would like to book a site inspection, please book online.

If you do not have access to a computer or mobile device, please ring our technical support team on 020 8825 8230.


Building work that is controllable under the building regulations will require inspection by our surveyors at various stages during construction. Without sufficient inspection, compliance cannot be determined.  

On site records

Site inspection logs will be sent to the applicant upon submission of an application. These will provide the inspection service plan for the proposals, indicating the stages when an inspection is to be requested. We advise that these logs are made available to the visiting building control surveyor during an inspection so that a record of the visit can be made.

For large sites, site inspection books can be provided.

The final level of inspections required to ensure that a project complies with the building regulations will be determined by your visiting surveyor. Satisfactory compliance on site will enable us to promptly issue a completion certificate.

Client specifications on other issues will not be commented upon provided the minimum standards of the building regulations are met.

Example of a typical inspection service plan for a single-storey extension:

  • Commencement, excavations
  • DPC, floor damp-proof membranes, floor insulation and maintenance of under-floor ventilation (if any) - prior to site being covered with oversite concrete
  • Below ground drain pipes before backfilling
  • Pre plaster check - structural beams and lintels, roof joists, floor joists, restraint straps and thermal insulation
  • Drainage details above ground. Witness of drain tests
  • Completion

Example of a typical inspection service plan for a loft conversion:

  • Commencement, main structural beams and floor joists
  • Pre plaster check - further structural beams and lintels, roof joists, restraint straps and thermal insulation
  • Drainage details above ground. Witness of drain tests
  • Completion 

How to book a building control site inspection