Information for landlords

Ealing landlord portal

Landlords in receipt of direct payment for tenants can now use the landlord portal to view details of payments of housing benefit made to them by Ealing Council. The portal also shows housing benefit entitlement for their tenants.

This will ensure the security of the system and only allows landlords to view information relating to them or their tenants.

Tenants' payment details, paid to the landlord's account, will be available to view on the portal the day after the payment has been produced. Actual payment into the landlord's account will follow this a few days later.

Request access to the landlord portal  

Before you start

All landlords including registered social landlords and housing associations must request an account to access the portal.

What happens next

Once you have completed the online form we will send you an email confirming that you have access to the portal.

This form should take approximately four minutes to complete. 

Request access to the landlord portal

Access the portal

Please refer to your emails for instructions on how to get your new login details. Once you have received them you can log in to Ealing landlord portal.

Log in to the landlord portal

If you have any questions, please contact