Apply for housing benefit and council tax support

If you need help paying rent or your council tax, we want to help. The amount we can give you depends on two things:

  • how much rent and council tax you pay
  • your circumstances, such as your pay and if you have children

Postcode check for help with rent

Don't apply here if your postcode begins W12 *** or NW10 6**. You will probably need to apply for universal credit instead. 

If any of the following apply to you must make a claim for housing benefit with Ealing council:

  • you are a pensioner
  • you have more than two children
  • you live in supported accommodation

Council tax

Help with council tax is not included in Universal Credit. You must apply for council tax support.  

If you need help, apply now. You can lose out if you delay.

How to apply

 So we can help you, do these three things:

  • Click the 'apply now' button below 
  • Answer our questions online
  • Upload photographs or scans of the documents we ask for (such as proof of address)

 Apply now 

Read information about the council's policy on collecting data for online forms.