Information for landlords

How benefit is calculated

We compare the actual income received by the claimant and other members of their household with the amount the government says will cover their living expenses. (This is called the 'applicable amount' and does not take account of housing costs.)

Usually benefit starts from the Monday following receipt of a claim in our office. If we receive a claim in the same week as the liability to pay rent begins it is possible to pay benefit for the whole of that first week.  A benefit week runs from Monday to Sunday.

If your tenant is awarded Universal Credit and falls into an exception category that allows them to claim housing benefit, and makes a claim for housing benefit within four weeks of the start of their successful universal credit award start date, housing benefit can be paid from the beginning of their entitlement to universal credit. 

Housing benefit may end if there is a change in the tenant’s circumstances. All claimants have a duty to notify us immediately of any changes in circumstances that may occur. If we are not told of a change in circumstance within one calendar month of the change, your tenant may lose benefit.