Local welfare assistance

Local welfare assistance is an emergency financial payment and has replaced Community Care Grants and Crisis Loans from 1 April 2013. The fund is there to help people to try to maintain an independent life or for those facing an immediate financial crisis.

You can also request assistance with a rent deposit and/or rent in advance or if you have a shortfall in your rent.  Discretionary Housing Payments can be awarded to assist with your housing costs if you are already in receipt of housing benefit or you will be entitled to housing benefit once you move into your new property. 

As well as helping you to cope in the short term, the local welfare assistance team can also help with debt advice, budgeting and improving chances of finding a job. Your financial award may be dependent on you attending a session to help in these areas.

The local welfare assistance fund is small and limited and each case is considered on its own merits.  When the money runs out for the year, no more payments can be made. That is why the council has to look at applications carefully to make sure that the money is going to people who need it the most.

Applications should be made using our online form.

Different rules apply depending on what you are claiming for, but you must be an Ealing resident and be able to provide supporting evidence to make a successful claim

Pre-paid cards

Payments are made using a pre-paid card. Cards will be loaded with the value of your award and can only be used to purchase the items that were claimed for. Attempts to use the cards for inappropriate purchases will result in them being rejected. Cards can also be frozen and the money recovered if they are lost, stolen or abused. Council staff will be able to track when and where the card is used.

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