Applying for a council home

Other important information

Priority to homeless households

Some adverts say that priority will be given to homeless households. This means households who have made an application to the council as homeless and have been given a letter that says the council has accepted a homelessness duty. If the council has not accepted a homelessness duty to you, you will not be prioritised for these properties.

Properties for people over 50

Some adverts say you must be aged over 50 or over 55. This means that everyone in the household must meet that rule, not just the main applicant. You will not be considered if someone in your household is under the age limit.

Minimum and maximum people in the household

If you need a home with three bedrooms and there are six of you, you cannot bid for a property if the advert says that the maximum number of occupants is four or five, even if it has three bedrooms, because it means that the third bedroom will not be large enough for two people. You will not see the property in your available list for bidding, even if you can see it before you log in to your account. The same applies if you need two bedrooms and there are four of you. You will not see properties in your list, even if they have two bedrooms, if the maximum number of occupants allowed is three.

The difference between tenants and homeseekers

Tenant means an existing council tenant. Everyone else is a homeseeker, including housing association tenants and people who have been accepted as homeless and placed in temporary accommodation by the council. If the property is advertised for tenants only (T) and you are a homeseeker, don’t waste your bid!