Applying for a council home

Housing associations and properties in other boroughs

75% of housing association properties in the borough are advertised in the Ealing Council section and allocated according to our rules. Our housing association partners are allowed to advertise the remaining 25% of their properties on their own pages.

These adverts have statements on them explaining that the housing associations are allowed to give priority to their existing tenants for the properties advertised on their own pages. Even if you are in a higher band or have been waiting longer, they can choose to offer to one of their own tenants who is lower in the shortlist.

Check which section of Locata properties are advertised on. You can make bids for properties advertised on housing association sections, but you have a better chance of being successful if you bid for properties advertised on the Ealing Council section.

Housing associations will not allow any overcrowding in new tenancies. The council is flexible about this and may allow you to bid for a home with less bedrooms than you really need, but a housing association will reject you if you do this.

Brent, Hounslow, Hillingdon and Harrow councils all have their own Locata adverts. Ealing applicants cannot bid for a property advertised by one of the other boroughs.