Applying for a council home

Social housing within the borough is provided by the council and by registered social landlords (housing associations).

Ealing, like many London boroughs, has a severe shortage of homes compared with the number of people who need them. Currently we have over 7,500 applicants on our waiting list - also known as the housing register. Some of these are council tenants who would like to move, some are renting privately or living with family and some have been accepted by the council because they are homeless.

We receive an average of 75 new applications every week and we have approximately 600 homes to let each year. This means that less than 10% of people on the register will receive an offer each year and many people will not be rehoused at all. Therefore, people are encouraged to look into alternative housing options in order to get suitable housing.

For more information about these options please contact the housing allocations team on 020 8825 8800/7274 or visit Home for Londoners.

The housing register is not a suitable option if you are homeless or threatened with homelessness. If your situation is urgent, please contact the housing solutions team on 020 8825 8888 or 8881.

Ealing Council has a new allocations policy 2023.

You can ask a specific question about the policy by emailing

If you would like to make an application to join the housing register (Locata), go to How to apply for a council home.