Applying for a council home

Ealing’s housing register

We are legally required to have a housing allocations scheme. This is a set of rules that says who we will accept applications for housing from and how we will decide who has priority. The full scheme is very long. These pages explain the key points.

There are currently more than 10,000 live applications on our housing register (the “waiting list” for a council home), and we receive around 140 new applications each month. Some of these people are council tenants who need to move to accommodation more suitable for them, while some of them are living in privately rented homes, with friends, or with their extended families. Some have become homeless and are living in temporary accommodation provided by the council.

Some people will not be accepted onto our housing register. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • Where the applicant, or any member of their household, has been found guilty of serious anti-social behaviour, and we consider that they are unsuitable to be a tenant as a result.
  • Where they, or any member of their household, have assaulted a member of staff and an injunction is being applied for or has already been obtained.
  • Where they, or any member of the household, have knowingly given false or misleading information, or withheld information, that has been reasonably requested (in this case we may also prosecute).
  • Households with a joint income of more than £60,000 or capital assets of over £24,000. 
  • Households that have not lived in the borough for the last five years. If you do not meet this residence criteria, we will consider any exceptional circumstances you tell us about that are specific to your household. For information about this, please email

If we decide you cannot join the housing register, we will tell you in writing. You can ask us to review that decision.