Applying for a council home

How allocation bands are determined

In order to decide who needs to be rehoused, we have standards on what we think it is reasonable for people to expect. This includes:

  • The correct number of bedrooms for the household 
  • Indoor bathroom and toilet facilities
  • Accommodation that does not make any existing medical condition or disability worse
  • Accommodation that is safe.

When you fill in your online application to the housing register, we ask for information about where you live and the people included in your application, so that we can assess whether you are already adequately housed according to our rules. If you are adequately housed, and you have lived in the borough continuously for the previous five years, you can still join the register, but you will be in band D.

If we accept you onto the housing register in bands A, B or C, we will ask you for documents to confirm the information you have given in your application. For example, if you say that you are overcrowded because you have three children and only one bedroom, we would expect to see birth certificates and child benefit records for the children and we may visit your home to confirm how many rooms are available to you.

If you give false information in your application, or you deliberately do not provide information that might affect your priority banding, you may be prosecuted.