Applying for a council home

Allocation bands

If you are accepted onto the housing register, you will be placed in a band.

  • Band A is for people with an extremely urgent need to move. Only about 3% of applicants are in this band. Because of the urgency, most of them are only allowed to use the bidding system for a few weeks; after that, we can make them an offer that we believe meets their needs.
  • Band B is for people who urgently need to move, perhaps because of a serious medical condition that is affected by their existing housing situation. Again, only about 3% of applicants are in this band.
  • Band C is for everyone else who has housing that meets the council’s standards and whose need for rehousing is not so urgent. This includes less serious medical issues, people agreed as homeless and most overcrowding cases. Approximately 53% of applicants are in this band.
  • Band D covers the remaining applicants. These people would like to move but already have suitable housing according to the council‘s standards. Most people in band D cannot bid for properties.

Applicants in band D where everyone in the household is over 50 years old can bid for properties marked as 50+ on the advert. Applicants in band D where everyone in the household is over 60 years old may also be able to bid for sheltered accommodation.

Being accepted onto the housing register does not guarantee that you will receive an offer of accommodation. We only expect to have around 500 properties to allocate this year, which unfortunately means that many people asking for housing will not be successful.

In 2020, the average time that people in band C who were housed had been bidding for was:

  • Sheltered flat - 16 months
  • Studio flat - 15 months
  • One bedroom - two and a half years
  • Two bedrooms - six years
  • Three bedrooms - 10 and a half years
  • Four bedrooms - 10 years
  • Five bedrooms - 11 years

Only a small percentage of housing applicants will receive offers of accommodation. It is important that you keep looking for other ways of meeting your housing needs.