Living with dementia

Do you know someone who is:

  • showing signs of memory loss?
  • becoming confused even in familiar places?
  • struggling to follow conversations or programmes on TV?
  • regularly misplacing items?
  • experiencing changes in personality or mood?

If you are concerned that someone you know is showing these signs, it is important to visit a GP for advice. If appropriate, the GP will make a referral to one of the specialist West London Mental Health Trust Memory Assessment Service.  Older people's mental health service (

The Alzheimer's Society has put together a dementia guide to help you understand what happens following a diagnosis of dementia and explains the therapies and services available.

Help and advice for people with dementia

Many people with dementia live independent lives and access help and advice that is tailored to their needs.

You can find out about a wide range of support available in Ealing using CarePlace in addition to the organisations listed below:

  • NHS Choices Dementia - For in-depth information, including the earliest symptoms, living with dementia, looking after someone with the condition and where to find care and support. 
  • Alzheimer's Society - Information, advice and services for people with dementia, including their families and carers.Telephone: 020 8580 1057, Email:
  • Dementia Concern  - Information and advice about services for people with dementia and their carers. Assessments, support, day care and short breaks for carers. Telephone: 020 8568 4448, Email: