Applying for a council home

Social housing within the borough is provided by the council and by registered social landlords.

Ealing, like many London boroughs, has a severe shortage of homes compared with the number of people who need them. Currently we have over 13,000 applicants on our waiting list - also known as the housing register. Therefore people are encouraged to explore alternative housing options in order to obtain suitable housing.

For more information about these options please contact the housing choice and options team on (020) 8825 8800 or 7274 or visit FIRST STEPS.

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness contact the housing solutions team on (020) 8825 8888.

Important changes to the allocations policy

In August 2012 changes were made to the way council housing is allocated:

  • Households are no longer able to register for housing unless they are able to demonstrate that they are living in the borough of Ealing and have been doing so continuously for at least five years
  • Households with a joint income of more than £60,000 or capital assets of £24,000 are not eligible to register
  • Applicants who bid for and refuse three reasonable offers will be suspended from bidding for a period of six months
  • Up to 20% of lettings are prioritised for working households or secure council tenants with a good tenancy record (your housing officer can provide more information about this)
  • Most applicants in band D will not be able to bid, as they are considered to be adequately housed already. There are a few exceptions to this, which can be found in information for applicants in band D.
    Secure council tenants who are under occupying their accommodation and want to move to a smaller property will go into band A

All the changes can be found in the revised allocations policy.

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