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Sustainable modes of travel safety

The council has a statutory duty to produce the Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy (SMOT) each year. This is required by the Department for Education.  The publishing of this strategy on our website meets this duty.

The overall aim of the strategy is to encourage pupils to travel to school safely by using sustainable and healthy modes of transport.  There are eight objectives identified so the travel and transport needs of children and young people are better catered for:

  1. To increase walking, cycling, use of public transport, and where appropriate car-sharing – for pupils, parents/carers, staff and the school community.
  2. To encourage safe and sustained long-term modal shift away from unshared private cars on all journeys to, from and between schools.
  3. To encourage, support and assist school communities to identify and address school travel issues through developing and implementing their school travel plan.
  4. Provide a safe environment for all children and young people on their journey to and from school.
  5. To ensure future schools’ planning and building design reflects the importance of sustainable travel principles and best practice.
  6. To support the promotion of healthy lifestyles and implementation of the Healthy Schools and Sustainable Schools Agendas, through promoting more active travel to school and developing sustainable travel facilities.
  7. To contribute to achieving the aims and targets of other local strategies, primarily the Ealing Road Safety Plan.
  8. To undertake further work on understanding and addressing travel and transport issues associated with extended schools, 14-19 Agenda and travel within the school day, to fully assess pupils’ travel needs and meet the statutory duty (EIA 2006).

For more information about the Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy please contact the school travel advisors, email:

View the full  Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy (SMOT)


This is a summary of the SMOT for parents, outlining what help is available for schools with travel plans and encouraging parents to think about sustainable travel for their child’s journey to school.

View the summary of the Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy

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