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Help get Southall moving

During May and June 2023, Ealing Council consulted on the Get Southall Moving ideas.

This involved the council, together with Let’s Go Southall, working with the community to make Southall’s streets safer, less congested and more pleasant for all road users. To reduce traffic, cut congestion and clean up Southall's air, the council reached out to hear from you about how to make it easier for everyone to get moving – that is walking, cycling, jogging, scooting, or even hopping, skipping and jumping.

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This stage of the consultation has now ended. In terms of next steps, the council will review the draft ideas in light of experience and the thoughts, suggestions and feedback received. And in line with the Travel in Ealing Charter, the council will continue an open, transparent and constructive approach to ensure meaningful, engaging and sincere conversations with residents and communities.

In making decisions, the council will:

  • refer to the feedback received through engagement, giving weight to this in line with what we said when seeking people’s views
  • refer to the evidence base we will have built
  • confirm the alignment of decisions with any previous relevant commitments made by the council, including policies previously consulted on
  • communicate our decisions openly, giving clear reasoning

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