Tackling the climate crisis

Tackling the climate crisis is one of three key priorities for the borough in the Council Plan for 2021-22. This priority is to be achieved by greening and keeping Ealing clean, achieving net zero carbon, and ensuring our parks, open spaces and nature are protected and enhanced. 

Ealing Council declared a climate emergency in April 2019, committing to treat the climate and ecological emergency as a crisis requiring immediate and vital action. In January 2021, Cabinet adopted the council’s Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy.

Our aim is to become carbon neutral, as a borough and an organisation by 2030. To achieve that hugely ambitious goal will mean change for the council, other public sector partners, residents and businesses. We must collectively rethink our approach to major generators of carbon – energy, food, transport, waste, and work to introduce new green infrastructure. 

We have set transformational targets to ensure we are outcome focused in tackling the climate crisis.

  • Increase the proportion of residents who walk, cycle, and use public transport instead of cars, to improve air quality.
  • Increase recycling rate to 60% by 2022.
  • Improve the energy performance of our social housing stock, council buildings, and resident homes throughout the borough.
  • Keeping streets clean of litter, debris, graffiti and fly posting. 

Addressing the climate crisis is not a challenge the council can face alone. It requires local residents, communities and businesses to commit to a new vision of our future and deliver co-benefits for our health and economy. 

Act For Ealing is a growing network of local people and organisations, set up with the support of the council, to inspire everyone to take action on tackling the climate crisis in their everyday lives.

Read our latest news and actions you can take to tackle the climate crisis on the Around Ealing website.

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