Keep warm keep well

Stay healthy

  • Have a seasonal flu jab and or a ‘pneumo’ jab (pneumococcal).
  • Wear plenty of layers and warm shoes or boots with non-slip soles.
  • Keep your main living room and rooms you use during the day heated (18–21oC (64–70oF), warm your bedroom before you go to bed.
  • Make sure you claim all the financial support you can to help with heating bills, see list of useful websites below.
  • Keep simple cold, flu and sore throat remedies at home.
  • If you take prescribed medication order repeat prescriptions in plenty of time and see if your pharmacy will deliver.
  • Eat healthily and keep as active as possible.
  • Keep basic food items in the cupboard or freezer in case it’s too cold to go shopping.
  • Check on elderly or at risk family/neighbours during cold periods and offer help or support.

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