Travelling by bike is a healthy, lowcost and environmentally-friendly way to get around London. Cycling can also be a quicker alternative to motorised transport - even now in central London traffic speeds average just 11mph. Cycle parking is normally free and the council is installing cycle stands where there is demand.

Suggest a location for a cycle stand

Please email with the street name and the nearest property number and, if practical, we will install a cycle stand there.  

Cycling events and activities

Cycling in Ealing report 

The Cycling in Ealing 2013-2014 report provides an overview of the state of cycling in Ealing. The report includes information on the current trends and investment in cycling, and sets out how Ealing Council is performing against its targets and aspirations laid out in the 2010 Cycle Strategy. It also provides updates on recently delivered programmes and initiatives, and what people can expect to see in the next year.