Free cargo bike hire

A cargo bike is any bike designed to carry goods and equipment.

Many of these are electrically assisted (an eCargo bike) with a rechargeable battery which increases the distance they can travel and how much weight can be carried.

Many bikes are able to carry around 150-200kg (including rider) and some models even able to carry up to 400kg.

Unlike petrol and diesel vehicles, they don’t produce any fumes while they’re being ridden making them a cleaner option for transporting goods around the borough.

Cargo bikes come in various shapes and sizes with 2, 3 and even 4 wheel versions.

Some models come with large containers and trailers which can carry up to 400kg or have chiller containers for food and drinks.

You can use cargo bikes for:

  • the school run
  • shopping 
  • fun days out 
  • community events
  • allotment deliveries

Benefits of using a cargo bike

  • Lower running costs compared to vans and there are no congestion or emission charges, or parking fees
  • Better for the environment with zero exhaust emissions, cargo bikes can help cut local air pollution levels. Using a cargo bike also reduces noise from traffic and road danger, creating a more pleasant urban environment

Hiring a cargo bike

If you are an Ealing resident, you can hire a cargo bike for free.

You will need to have valid third party cycle insurance to do this.

Anyone with London Cycling Campaign (LCC) membership will already have third party liability insurance included in their membership.

Other benefits of LCC membership include:

  • free cargo bike hire all year round for Ealing residents
  • third-party insurance
  • free legal helpline
  • cycle insurance
  • discounts on bike services and repairs
  • offers on top brands
  • member magazine

Ealing residents hiring a cargo bike can save 50% on the cost of individual LCC membership

Join the waiting list

To join the cargo bike waiting list, email