Shaping Ealing

Earlier this year, we concluded the Shaping Ealing survey and engagement exercise. The survey asked residents, businesses and others to help us shape Ealing and the towns within it by putting your priorities under the spotlight.

The Shaping Ealing engagement was carried out between November 2021 and May 2022. It consisted of a simple, easy to complete online survey which resulted in 10,661 people taking part.

Additionally, a series of community events and conversations were held in various parts of the borough to reach out and engage with those who may not have taken part in the online survey. 

This feedback is important to us to help understand how people think and feel and it will help us develop plans and policies to guide future development and investment in each of Ealing’s towns. Alongside the London Plan and National Planning Policy Framework and technical and expert studies, the feedback from Shaping Ealing will shape the borough’s new Local Plan.

The council is committed to being open, transparent and inclusive in how we work with you, and here you can view the findings of the Shaping Ealing feedback in full.

  • Shaping Ealing summary document
    The document provides a full summary of all the responses to the survey, including the responses received on what you think about each of our seven towns.
  • Shaping Ealing extended summary
    The extended summary provides a little more detailed analysis as well as some statistics about the make up of each of our towns.
  • These documents were updated on 22 September 2022 to include the latest population data for each of the borough’s towns. Minor typographical errors in the original documents have also been corrected.

If you wish to skip straight to the feedback about your own town, you can do so by clicking on the buttons below. In addition to Ealing’s towns, feedback is also included for those who responded about Park Royal which, for planning purposes, is part of the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC). 

Having completed this initial listening exercise, the conversation with you continues ahead of presenting our draft Local Plan in the Autumn.  Fnd out more about the new Local Plan and how you can get involved.

The feedback from Shaping Ealing is already helping to inform decisions around priorities and priorities. You can view more about the council’s priorities, commitments and promises in our four-year Council Plan.

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