Shaping Ealing

We want residents, businesses and others to help us shape Ealing and the towns within it, by joining a dedicated conversation to put your priorities under the spotlight.

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Next summer, we will be presenting residents, businesses and others with our first ideas on priorities that will shape future planning decisions that will be called the ‘Local Plan.’ Over time, the priorities in the plan will shape decisions taken by the council, developers and others about homes, the use of physical space, tackling climate change, creating good jobs and how we can address any concerns around health and inequalities in the borough. This will be a key time for everyone who lives or works in the borough to have their say in shaping their local community.

To prepare for this, we are planning a series of conversations, surveys and formal and informal meetings to understand your views on where Ealing is as a borough now, and the shape you think it should take going forward. This way, when we present our ideas for the Local Plan next summer, your views, hopes and concerns will have formed part of this crucial decision process.

Conversations and engagement activities will be taking place from November 2021 until early next year. We really need as many people to take part as possible, so we can consider the feelings of as many residents, businesses and others as we can.

We need your views and we are here to listen. The important work in shaping your community can only be done with your help.

It is important that you think about your priorities, not just in terms of the whole borough, but for your town, street, family and yourself as this aims to put your present and future concerns under the spotlight.

What we’re doing and when 

To help us build a better picture of your views on the Local Plan and what it should contain, we are holding several consultations and surveys and conversations over the coming months on a variety of topics related to the borough. 

The first Shaping Ealing Survey has ended and we will be sharing feedback on what we have learned from this survey over the summer. 

Going forward, there will be more opportunities to share your views on a variety of topics including: 

  • Conservation areas 
  • The Local Plan
  • Development
  • Further ‘Shaping Ealing’ questionnaires
  • Informal workshops 

A look ahead at next summer 

Our hope is that you will take part in each of these surveys, questionnaires and conversations and encourage your family, friends and colleagues to do the same. We really do want to hear from as many people as we can at each stage of the process. 

Next summer, when we have completed this listening process, we will present the borough’s residents and businesses with our initial draft for the Local Plan. At that stage, you will have a chance, over a period of about eight to ten weeks, to come back and tell us what you like or do not like about what we have proposed. 

To receive regular updates on how you can get involved in Shaping Ealing, sign up for the council’s email newsletter. We will also be keeping you up-to-date by publishing updates and survey links on our website, social media pages, Around, Around Ealing Magazine and via emails to residents and businesses. We will be covering a range of key topics including climate change, green spaces and health and development amongst other priorities important to you.

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