Council plan

Council plan 2022-26

Ealing Council’s council plan sets our vision and strategy for the next four years and our ‘promises’ to focus on the priorities of our residents, businesses, and other stakeholders. It is our high-level strategic response to the opportunities and challenges facing us now and in the future.

We will focus on three cross cutting strategic objectives over the next four years to realise our vision for the borough:

  • Creating good jobs - we want growth in Ealing to be inclusive, where people can both contribute to and benefit from growth and economic development. We want to create good quality jobs in our borough and deliver an ambitious programme of building more genuinely affordable homes.
  • Tackling the climate crisis - we will work to keep Ealing clean and green and take leadership in ensuring the borough we build is sustainable. We will take leadership on tackling the ramifications of the climate crisis, by aiming for the highest environmental standards as we grow new jobs and homes.
  • Fighting inequality - we want to create a borough where we work hard to address inequalities in all its forms, to ensure that no-one is left behind in terms of achieving their potential. Crime and antisocial behaviour is dealt with effectively so residents feel safe. 

Our priorities

To meet the cross-cutting objectives, the plan also sets out the priority areas which are overseen by members of the council’s cabinet ensuring a focus on delivery of the things that matter to residents. For each priority we set out the key promises and activities which will be delivered over the next four years. One additional priority is set out which is to make sure that the council is well-run and works with communities.

Tackling inequality and crime

Relentlessly focusing on reducing poverty and inequality for those that most need support and promoting wellbeing and safety for all, including:

  • Tackle race inequality and launch the independent citizens’ tribunal
  • Invest £13million in fighting antisocial behaviour, burglary and violent crime
  • Continue to take tough action to prevent violence against women and girls.

Climate action

Greening and keeping Ealing clean, achieving net zero carbon, and ensuring our parks, open spaces and nature are protected and enhanced, including:

  • Create 10 new parks and open spaces
  • Launch our active travel charter
  • Rapidly expand our popular school streets programme to 50 of our schools 
  • Plant another 50,000 trees.

Healthy lives

Protecting and enhancing the physical and mental health of all, supporting our older residents to enable them to remain independent and resilient and dealing with the ongoing impact of COVID-19, including:

  • Ensure every care worker in Ealing is paid the London Living Wage 
  • Deliver 300 new state of the art supported accommodation homes 
  • Support 3,000 of the most vulnerable residents to get the care in their own homes 
  • Tackle health inequalities highlighted by COVID-19, investing £100million in the next four years.

A fairer start

Ensuring all our children and young people get the best start in life, from their earliest years through to a great education, including:

  • Deliver a new state of the art youth centre in Southall 
  • Ensure every child can access good and sustainable schools in their local community 
  • Invest £1.5million to stop children and young people falling into care. 

Decent living incomes

Bringing new and well-paid jobs back to Ealing and ensuring good businesses can thrive, including:

  • Secure 10,000 new jobs in our borough 
  • Secure 2,000 new apprenticeships 
  • Deliver at least 12,000 new qualifications and training programme graduations 
  • Establish new community hubs, located within our seven towns.

Inclusive economy

Building wealth within the community by ensuring everything the council does increases social value and contributes to making Ealing a fairer place to live and work, including:

  • Open, transparent, and inclusive council expand services available instantly and 24/7 
  • Pay fair salaries to all our staff 
  • End pay gaps that disproportionately impact women and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities 
  • Expand our council tax support scheme to protect those who cannot afford to pay.

Genuinely affordable homes

Delivering our radical programme of social rent council house building, affordable homes and ensuring our tenants are empowered and have ownership of their communities, including:

  • We will work to end the need for families who face eviction to stay in temporary accommodation 
  • Invest £20million in 100 new safe and secure places for people to stay
  • Invest £509million in the council’s housing 
  • Deliver 4,000 new genuinely affordable homes across the borough.

Good growth

Making sure the growth that takes place in Ealing enhances its character, conserves its future and makes a great place, where people want to live, including:

  • Set out a new community - led regeneration charter 
  • Work even harder to attract new businesses 
  • Put good design and heritage at the heart of how we enhance our borough.

Thriving communities

Bringing people together to build strong neighbourhoods,empowering volunteers, encouraging community activism, engaging civic and faith leaders, and delivering well-loved community facilities and services, including:

  • Launch a community charter: Your rights and what you can expect from the council 
  • Secure and invest at least £1million in community and grassroots art, music, dance and culture 
  • New town forums with more power to set the spending priorities for local communities.

Organisational prorities

We will focus relentlessly on getting the basics right, ensuring we are well run and make best use of resources. We will also drive change to deliver a new culture of public service where we engage and work in partnership with our communities.

“We will be”

  • An efficient innovative and responsive organisation that provides great services and is trusted by and works with residents.
  • A caring and creative council that collaborates with our partners and the community in an open transparent and inclusive way to make things better for local people.

Our performance

We have set ambitious performance targets that will make a difference to residents’ lives. These targets will also help us to set a balanced budget, as we know that solving challenges for our residents also saves money to the public purse. Our latest performance can be viewed through our online performance dashboard, updated on a quarterly basis.

Ealing Data

The Ealing Data website shows other key statistics about the borough. You can share, map and produce custom reports for different areas of the borough, such as wards, LSOAs and any chosen areas.