Council plan

Council plan 2021-2022

Ealing Council’s council plan sets out an ambitious vision for the borough while managing the challenges faced. It demonstrates how the council will work with residents, partner organisations, businesses, the voluntary sector and staff to make Ealing an even better place to live, work and visit.

The plan identifies the council’s three priorities for the next year:

  • Creating good jobs - returning good well-paid jobs to our borough and delivering the next generation of genuinely affordable homes.
  • Tackling the climate crisis - cleaning our air and ensuring the borough we build is sustainable.
  • Fighting inequality - that blights too many lives and disproportionately holds back all too many people from achieving their dreams and aspirations.

Our performance

We have set ambitious performance targets that will make a difference to residents’ lives. These targets will also help us to set a balanced budget, as we know that solving challenges for our residents also saves money to the public purse. Our latest performance can be viewed through our online performance dashboard, updated on a quarterly basis.

Ealing Data

The Ealing Data website shows other key statistics about the borough. You can share, map and produce custom reports for different areas of the borough, such as wards, LSOAs and any chosen areas.