Re-use and recycling centres and sites

Recycling centres and sites

The weighbridge at the Greenford HWRC is out of service due to technical faults. Residents with cars can still visit the Greenford site to dispose of waste and recycling. However, residents disposing of DIY waste, users of Vans and larger vehicles and commercial customers are advised to temporarily use the Twyford Abbey Road, Recycling Centre. Please make a booking before your visit.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Other than recycling from your home, you can also take your recycling, refuse or items for re-use to centres and neighbourhood sites across the borough.

There are two re-use and recycling centres in the borough, one in Greenford and one in Acton

Residents in the area are also able to use the recycling centre at Twyford Abbey Road

Book in advance

To visit these centres you must book a slot in advance. 

Book a recycling centre time slot

Anyone who visits must follow the coronavirus safety rules at the centre.


A wide range of materials and household waste can be recycled at these centres.  Materials are collected separately and you may find it easier to divide items in advance. All waste and recycling must be pre-sorted before arrival at the site. For example; plasterboard, garden waste, cardboard, plastics, metals etc. We have the right to carry out visual inspections and to deny site entry and usage.

*Charges apply at all sites for construction, demolition or excavation waste or trade/commercial waste.

Other ways to recycle

All neighbourhood recycling sites are now closed.  Residents are encouraged to use household recycling and textiles collections services.  You can book a free textiles collection online via TRAID, book a free collection . See more information here for household recycling  

DIY and building waste - residents

Anyone disposing of mixed loads of construction, demolition or DIY waste will have to enter the site via the weighbridge and will be charged at £23 per 100kg. The site accepts payment by debit/credit card only.

Many items will continue to be free as long as they have been correctly sorted for recycling. Please see the list of materials that will be accepted and where charges will apply 

People must also provide identification to prove that they are residents and not commercial customers. The following forms of identification will be required:

  • proof of address – bank statement, utility bill, council tax bill
  • photo identification – driving licence or passport, with address that matches the above  

Please note: We do not accept any form of asbestos at the Greenford or Acton sites. View advice on what to do with asbestos.

DIY and building waste - non-residents

Anyone disposing of DIY waste, or waste in a van, that is not a resident will be asked to enter the site via a weighbridge where a commercial charge will be applied.  The site accepts payment by debit/credit card only.