Re-use and recycling centres and sites

Greenford Road re-use and recycling centre

To visit this recycling centre, you must book a slot in advance. Please only visit for essential trips.

Book a recycling centre time slot

Open 8am to 5pm seven days a week (last booking slot from 4-4.30pm)
The weighbridge closes 4.30pm

Location: Greenford Road, Greenford, Middlesex UB6 9AP
Telephone: 020 8578 5674  

Please allow yourself plenty of time for unloading.   

All vans must enter the site via the weighbridge due to height restrictions. Charges may apply.

The centre is open all year round except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

Most materials are collected separately and you will find it easier and quicker to separate items before visiting the recycling banks and re-use and recycling centres.

Materials accepted

Material Type of material accepted and how to recycle it

Garden waste

All garden waste eg grass clippings, prunings, dead flowers.

No plastic bags should be put in the bin and large logs should be put in the wood bin.

No food waste, large trees, soil, fallen fruit or plastic bags. The garden waste collection scheme and composting also provide an alternative to disposing of garden waste in the waste and recycling centres.


Any kind of metal including washing machines, bicycles and cookers.

Fridges or freezers are kept separate from scrap metal.


All types.

DIY and building waste (including construction, demolition and excavation waste)

*Charges apply

All concrete, bricks, turf, paving slabs, soil, plasterboard, kitchen fittings, cupboards and worktops, painted wood, skirting boards, wooden worktops, sheds, fences, rubble, rocks, stones, tarmac, decking, timber, plaster, roofing, tiles, slates, felt, windows, doors including glass and frames, wall and floor tiles, bathroom suites and fittings, pallets and any materials used in DIY, demolition, renovation and construction projects.  


Furniture made of any material such as wood, metal or plastic and including wardrobes, chairs, drawers, beds and sofas. Must be in a reasonable condition and comply with fire regulations

Electrical goods

Hi-fi, computers, irons, vacuums etc, fluorescent tubes and low energy light bulbs.


Small domestic batteries and car batteries. No lithium batteries.

Engine oil

Motor engine oil. Please keep separate from cooking oil.

Fridges and freezers

Please keep separate from scrap metal.

Glass bottles and jars

All glass bottles and jars of any colour. Please rinse out all containers. Glass bins are separated into clear, green and brown (blue glass should go into the green glass bin).

No drinking glasses, window glass, Pyrex, glass ornaments or any other glass objects.


All types of household plastic - bottles, pots, tubs, and trays. Please rinse plastic food and drink containers out first.

No polystyrene, pvc, clingfilm/wrap or bubble wrap.

Cans, tins and aerosol cans

All food and drinks cans. Please rinse out cans and crush if possible taking care of any sharp edges.


All newspaper, magazines, junk mail, directories and non-window envelopes.

Old clothes, other textiles and shoes

Any clothing including under garments, belts, bags, handkerchiefs, towels, bed linen, curtains, blankets, material.

Only shoe pairs - should be tied together or placed in a carrier bag.

CDs, videos and books

CDs, videos, books and records etc accepted and re-sold by charity.

Mobile phones

Preferably dispose with the phone's charger enabling them to be repaired and re-used in some cases.

Toner cartridges

All types accepted.


All types accepted and sent for re-use in the community.

Cooking oil 

Please keep separate from motor engine oil.


All mattresses accepted from non commercial properties. Charges will apply to landlords and private companies/organisations.

Recycling mattresses

Residents may dispose of up to two mattresses for free every 12 months.

More than two at a time, or left-over repeated visits, will be considered trade waste and as such will result in a £11.50 charge per mattress (regardless of the size).

DIY or building waste 

DIY or building waste - non-residents
Anyone disposing of DIY, construction, demolition or excavation waste, or waste in a van, that is not a resident will be asked to enter the site via a weighbridge where a commercial charge will be applied.

DIY or building waste - residents
To verify residency the following forms of identification will be required:

  • Proof of address - bank statement, utility bill or council tax bill


  • Photo identification - driving licence (with address that matches the above)

Charges for DIY waste for residents

Anyone disposing of mixed loads of construction, demolition or DIY waste will have to enter the site via the weighbridge and will be charged at £23 per 100kg.   

Some DIY and construction items such as paint, carpets and underlay, and appliances like washing machines, fridges and freezers, will continue to be free of charge for residents, as long as they have been sorted for recycling and have provided the appropriate ID.

If you are carrying any of the waste listed below, you will be charged at the above rate:

  • Soil turf, fencing and sheds
  • Bricks, rubble, stones, slabs, wall and floor tiles, slates, roofing materials and tarmac
  • Plasterboard and plaster, timber, doors and windows, floorboards and skirting
  • Kitchen and bathroom units/fittings
  • Plumbing
  • Wiring

Please note: We do not accept any form of asbestos at the Greenford or Acton sites. View advice on what to do with asbestos.


The weighbridge is a facility that weighs and records commercial and household waste before disposal.

Residents using their own vehicle and carrying their own household waste in a vehicle below 1.8m/5'11 can enter the site via the height restricted, non-commercial entrance. Vehicles above this height or carrying commercial or DIY waste must enter the site via the weighbridge.

Visitors in hire vans that are carrying their own domestic household waste need to produce the following documents before they are allowed to tip free of charge:  

  • A copy of the hire agreement.
  • Proof of address - bank statement or phone bill
  • Photo identification - driving licence or passport.

Vehicles must not exceed 3.5 tonnes (gross) weight.

The weighbridge is open daily (including weekends):

  • 1 April to 30 September: 8am to 4.30pm
  • 1 October to 31 March: 8am to 3.30pm

The weighbridge closes 30 minutes before the re-use and recycling centre closes. Due to height restrictions, all large vehicles and vans must exit the site before the weighbridge closes.   

Storage tanks and boilers

You can dispose of storage tanks and boilers at Greenford Road Re-use and Recycling centre as long as they do not contain any form of asbestos.