Commercial waste at recycling centres

Businesses can choose to dispose of refuse and recycling by taking it to re-use and recycling centres in the borough.

You can weigh, unload by hand and dispose of commercial waste at the Greenford Road Re-use and Recycling Centre. Charges depend on the type of waste disposed and its gross weight. This site accepts payment by debit/credit card only.

Commercial rates



Minimum charge 100kg

Disposing of mixed, non-recyclable commercial waste

£230 per tonne


Disposing of separated recyclable commercial waste (garden waste, metal and cardboard only)

£100 per tonne


Weighing of vehicles (public)

£10 per vehicle


Mattress disposal

£11.50 per mattress


Unloading commercial waste

Waste must be unloaded manually into the containers provided, not onto the floor.

Customers whose vehicles are not suited to manual unloading of waste should arrange to deposit waste at the alternative West London Waste Authority (WLWA) site:

  • Twyford Road Waste Transfer Station, Abbey Road, NW10 7DJ - This site accepts payment by cash, cheque or debit/credit card only.

To arrange account facilities at WLWA sites telephone Derek Hazel on (020) 8847 5555 or write to: WLWA, Pavilion AF, Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow, TW3 4DN