Planning application fees

Payment of fees:

  • The fee due must be paid when the application is submitted
  • No decision can be made on an application for which the correct fee has not been paid
  • The council has NO discretion to vary fees
  • There is no VAT on planning fees

Application fees

Any application that is made valid prior to the fee increase will be charged at the old rate.  If an application is missing documentation or fees, the new rate will apply.

Payment security: To protect your data and provide a higher level of security, you will need to use the following browser versions (or above) to make payments: Chrome 30; Android 4.4; Firefox 24; Internet Explorer 8; Opera 17; Safari 7 with OSX 10.9; Safari mobile IOS 5. Please upgrade your browser if you need to.

Pay your planning application fee

Re-submission of a planning application

Where planning permission has been refused or an application withdrawn, the re-submission of a planning application within 12 months for a similar scheme on the same site by the same applicant would not require a fee.

Refund of fees

Fees can only refunded if:

  • Paid in respect of a development for which permission or consent is not required and the local planning authority decline to determine the application.
  • More than the correct fee was paid
  • The application is rejected as invalidly made

No refund can be made where an application is withdrawn.