Private rented property licensing

What happens after you have applied

We must process and approve your application before you are granted a licence.

We will tell you and any other interested parties whether we plan to grant or refuse a licence within approximately 12 weeks of receiving your complete application (including floor plans and safety certificates). Timescales may vary depending on the number of applications being processed at the time.

This will be followed by a 14-day consultation period which gives you and all interested parties the chance to ask questions, challenge our decision or make comments.

We will give you the notice that grants or refuses a licence, as well as a copy of the licence at the end of this consultation period.

Property licensing register

The council holds a public register of all licensed properties in the borough, temporary exemption notices issued (relating to property licensing) and management orders. Details of the licence holder and manager (if applicable) will appear on this register.

You can:

Charges will apply for extracts or a full a copy of the property licensing register.