Private rented property licensing

Apply for a private property licence

You should make a new application if:

  • this is the first time you have applied for a property licence
  • you want to change the licence holder
  • you have been refused a licence
  • your licence has been taken away from you

The council will judge each application on an individual basis. You may need to supply additional information to support your application.

Before you apply

Please read information and guidance for landlords of privately rented properties on legal obligations and general management responsibilities.

Start your application

Property licensing privacy notice

Duration of a licence

Licences will be issued for a maximum of five years. We may issue a licence for a shorter period of time if we have concerns about the management of the property.

Refund policy

We will only issue a refund for a property licence under the following circumstances:

  • the property is outside the designated licensing area
  • a duplicate application has been made in error