Private rented property licensing

Information and guidance for landlords of privately rented properties

The government has produced housing “how to” guides for private residential landlords which explains the responsibilities, legal requirements and best practice for letting a property in the private rented sector.

Amenity and space standards

These are the standards that the council will apply to HMOs to help determine the maximum number of occupiers for an HMO licence. All HMOs should comply with these standards although each property will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Antisocial behaviour

Your licence comes with conditions relating to the management of anti-social behaviour in your property.

The tenancy or licence agreement should include information on antisocial behaviour and set out the responsibilities of tenants and visitors. You must make clear to your tenants, the importance of:

  • not allowing antisocial behaviour
  • not causing nuisance or annoyance to neighbours
  • not allowing overcrowding
  • disposing of rubbish and recycling properly
  • looking after the property.

This guide provides further information on tackling antisocial behaviour.