Private rented property licensing

Selective licensing

Selective licensing applies to properties occupied by a single household (e.g. a family) or those occupied by two households of no more than two persons (e.g. two friends living together). Selective licensing does not apply to properties licensable under the mandatory or additional HMO licensing schemes.

Selective licensing - designation 1

You need a selective licence for all privately rented properties in the following wards (from 1 April 2022):

  • East Acton
  • Southall Broadway 
  • Southall Green

(pre May 2022 ward boundaries)

Selective licensing - designation 2

From 3 January 2023, you will need a selective licence for all privately rented properties in the following wards:

  • Acton Central 
  • Dormers Wells
  • Greenford Broadway 
  • Greenford Green    
  • Hanger Hill
  • Hobbayne 
  • Lady Margaret 
  • North Greenford
  • Northolt Mandeville 
  • Northolt West End
  • Perivale
  • South Acton

(Ward boundaries before May 2022)

New ward boundary changes

The selective licensing schemes are defined by the boundaries that were in place before May 2022. Properties that fall within the boundaries of the selective designations (areas mentioned above) will be licensable despite the new ward boundary changes that came into force in May 2022. Properties outside of the boundaries covered by the selective licensing designations will fall outside of the selective licensing regime.

You can find out if your property falls within any of the selective licensing designation areas by searching using the postcode checker for your property.

Selective licences granted for properties in Acton Central and South Acton that expired on 31 December 2021

Existing selective licences granted for properties in Acton Central and South Acton (pre-May 2022 boundaries) under the council's previous selective licensing scheme remain valid and licence holders still need to meet the conditions of the licence until it expires.

Provided you do not exceed the number of households/occupants specified on your existing licence, you do not need to apply for either an additional or mandatory HMO licence.

Once a selective licence expires, if the property meets the criteria of either an additional or mandatory HMO, you will need to apply for the appropriate licence and pay the appropriate fee.

If your selective licence has an expiry date of 31 December 2021 and was not granted for a full five years, you will be offered the opportunity to apply free of charge for a new licence under the new designation. This will extend your licence to five years from the original issue date. Further information will be given to applicants.