Private rented property licensing

Apply for a private rented property licence

The person making the application is usually the licence holder. This is typically the person who is in control of the property and the person who receives the rent. This could be the owner or landlord, however it could also be a manager employed by the owner.

You can only apply for one licence per property. You cannot transfer a licence to another person.

Applications from non UK residents

An application for a property licence from a non UK resident will only be considered valid if there is a managing agent based in the UK who agrees to be bound by the conditions and obligations imposed by the licence by signing a declaration to confirm this.

Amendments to selective licensing application process and fees

From Monday 15 January 2018 there will be a new ‘block’ or ‘multi-flat’ application process available to a person who controls two or more flats within the same building, ie a person who is entitled to receive the rack rent for the flats, or would be entitled to receive it were the flats let at such a rent. This may be the freeholder of the block, or the person with the leasehold interest in each of the subject flats. Licences will however continue to be issued on a flat by flat basis rather than a ‘block’ or ‘multi-flat’ basis.

The fees for selective licences will also be amended to reflect the new application process as set out in section four of the fees schedule.

‘Block’ or ‘multi-flat’ applications cannot be submitted online. The paper application form and guidance notes can be downloaded or are available by contacting or by telephoning 020 8825 9512.

Before you apply

Please read the application guidance for private rented property licences 

Start your application

See guidance for landlords on legal obligations and general management responsibilities.

Property licensing privacy notice

Refund policy

We will only issue a refund for a property licence under the following circumstances:

  • The property is outside the designated licensing area
  • A duplicate application has been made in error