Private rented property licensing

Varying your property licence

Property licences can be varied in certain circumstances. Reasons to vary your licence may include:

  • Change of name (marriage/divorce/deed poll)
  • Change of licence holder or manager’s address
  • Change of number of occupants or households
  • Change in amenities.

There is no fee for a variation to your licence but if you are applying to use additional rooms, you will have to pay the additional £50 per habitable room fee.

A variation cannot be granted for a change of owner, as licences are non-transferable. You will need to apply to revoke your current licence and the new applicant will be required to submit a new application complete with full fee.

Applications to vary cannot be submitted online. The paper application form and guidance notes can be downloaded or are available by contacting or by telephoning 020 8825 9512.

Application form to vary your house in multiple occupation (HMO) licence (PDF)

Application form to vary your selective licence (PDF)