Private rented property licensing

Varying your property licence

The licence holder can apply for a variation, or the council can vary a licence if circumstances change after a licence has been issued. The reasons for requesting a variation can include:

  • change your address or name (for example due to marriage or divorce)
  • change the name of your manager if they are not the licence holder
  • increase or decrease the number of occupiers

A variation cannot be granted for a change of licence holder, as licences are legally non-transferable. You will need to apply to revoke your current licence and a new application must be made and the fee paid.

A selective licence cannot be varied if the changes in occupancy or households make the property a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO).  An HMO licence cannot be varied if the changes mean it no longer falls into the definition of an HMO.

Find out more about the definitions of the difference licence types

We will make the decision whether to grant or refuse the variation on a case-by-case basis considering the legislation and guidance.

If you would like to vary your licence you can either: