Tenancy rights

About your tenancy

You will either have an Assured Tenancy or a Starter Tenancy (an Assured Shorthold Tenancy). If you are on a Starter Tenancy this will convert to an Assured Tenancy after 12 months (extendable for a further six months).  To see more about which tenancy is granted, see our tenancy policy.

The tenancyagreement is the contract you have with Broadway Living that allows you to occupy your home. It sets out the rules that both parties must follow. Please read your tenancy agreement if you are unsure what these rules are.

Starter tenancy

This type of tenancy can be ended through the courts without Broadway Living having to prove any breach of tenancy. It therefore provides less security. We grant this tenancy to all residents new to social housing to ensure they can manage the tenancy in line with the tenancy conditions before allowing full security. It is critical therefore that if you are on a started tenancy, you must manage this properly.

If you are struggling in any way, please let us know as we will do what we can to help you sustain your tenancy. This includes any issues with paying your rent.

Assured tenancy

This is the most common form of tenancy in social housing and the person(s) named on the agreement cannot be evicted from their home unless they are in breach of their tenancy conditions or the property is due to be re-developed. We will do everything we can to help you stay in your home if you are experiencing problems, so please speak to your lettings and property manager if this is the case.

On the death of a tenant it is possible to succeed to a tenancy.

For more information see our ending a tenancy policy.