Electric vehicles and charging points

Electric vehicles

Ealing Council is committed to tackling climate change, improving public health and local air quality. The council is supporting the take up of electric vehicles (EVs) for residents, visitors and businesses because of their lower environmental footprint within Ealing and across London.

Although EVs may cost more to buy, the running costs tend to be much lower. EVs are currently exempt from the congestion charge and ultra low emission zone schemes, pay no road tax and can benefit from parking permit discounts and reduced company car tax.

The government, through the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), provides grants for consumers and businesses looking to install charge points on their own property, including driveways and garages, and to buy EV's.

Current live EV point locations can be found at Zap Map.

Installing your own EV charge point 

The government Office for Low Emission Vehicles, provides grants for residents and businesses to both install charge points on their own property (including driveways and garages) and to buy electric cars.

For more information on how to install a footway (pavement) crossover and convert the front of your property into a drive to enable home charging, please see dropped kerbs

Please note that running a cable across the public footway (pavement) from a property is not permitted due to health and safety risks.

On-street charge points 

The council is working in partnership with two suppliers who are rolling out on-street electric vehicle (EV) charge points.

  • Siemens/Ubitricity: Lamp post EV charge points, standard charge speed. To find out how it works, costs or to contact the operator visit Ubitricity.
  • Source London: Standalone bookable EV charge points, standard and fast charge speeds. To find out how it works, cost or to contact the operator visit Source London.

Ealing Council and its partners will install more EV charge points across the borough to support carbon reduction. The aim is to build a network so that residents have an EV charge point at least a 10-minute walk away and requests are looked at collectively and are used to assess demand. 

Request an on-street charging point

The council is interested to hear from residents who would like an electric vehicle (EV) charge point installed near their home and who do not have off-street parking. We will try to accommodate requests but please note there is high demand for these services. There are also physical and electrical safety constraints to where EV charge points can be sited, so unfortunately not all locations are suitable.

To request an EV charge point you must:

  • Have no off-street parking (driveway/garage)
  • Requests from residents who can demonstrate ownership of an EV or plug-in hybrid vehicle, or who are committed to buying one will be considered favourably.

If you meet the above criteria, email the transport planning team with the following information:

  • Your name and address, email and contact telephone number
  • A scanned copy of your vehicle registration certificate (V5C) or a copy of your EV deposit confirmation - if possible.

Due to high demand we are unable to respond to requests individually although you will receive an automated response as proof of your request's delivery.