Resident parking permit prices

How your permit price is calculated

The cost of a resident parking permit is based on:

  • carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of your vehicle
  • fuel type 
  • number of vehicles in your household

The cost of a parking permit is worked out using the basic permit price, in line with the CO2 emissions of the vehicle, and then applying any discounts or extra charges. CO2 emissions can be found by checking your vehicle V5C document (log book). If CO2 emissions data is not available, we will work out the basic permit price using engine size.

Note: Diesel vehicles manufactured during or after 2015 will not be charged the nitrous oxides charge.

Yearly permit prices

The table below shows how we work out your yearly permit price.

Basic permit price (select only one)

CO2 emission band Engine Size (cc)
(only used if CO2 data is unavailable)
Emissions band 1
(0-100g of CO2 emitted per km)
0 - 1100 £53
Emissions band 2
(101g-140g of CO2 emitted per km)
1101 - 1600 £85
Emissions band 3
(141g-185g of CO2 emitted per km)
1601 - 1849 £117
Emissions band 4
(186+ of CO2 emitted per km)
1850+ £150
Extra charges and discounts - applied to the basic permit price above
(Select ALL that apply)
Nitrous oxides (NOX) charge
(applied to diesel vehicles manufactured before 2015)
Electric vehicle discount
(applies only to fully electric vehicles, not hybrids)
Additional vehicle charge
(price is multiplied by the number of other vehicles already holding a permit in the household)

What to do if your vehicle is not recognised by our database

When you apply for a permit, you will be asked to enter your vehicle registration into the online application form. We will check the vehicle's details using DVLA and vehicle manufacturer data to make sure you are charged the correct price for your permit.

If information about your vehicle is not available, you can still get a permit. But your vehicle will automatically be in emissions band 4  (more than 186g of CO2 per km) and will also include the nitrous oxide charge.

Nitrous oxide charge wrongly added  

If you think your vehicle should not have been charged the nitrous oxide charge, (maybe it was built before the Euro 6 emissions standard were introduced in 2015, but the emissions of your vehicle are low enough that it complies with the standard anyway), then you can ask for a refund by emailing Make sure you attach a full copy of your vehicle registration document (V5C) also called a log book (not just the front page). 

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