Refuse collections

Kerbside properties

If you live in a property with a front boundary you will be able to use the wheelie bin refuse service. Based on space available, some households are unsuitable for wheelie bins: these properties will use black sacks instead of black wheelie bins for rubbish.

If your bin has been lost, stolen or damaged please contact customer services on 020 8825 6000 to order a replacement black wheelie bin.

Standard rubbish bins are 180L in size. Larger bins are available for properties meeting certain criteria.

Your rubbish will be collected on alternate weeks on your collection day. Check your collection schedule to find out when your rubbish is collected. 

Please place your rubbish within your boundary on the front edge of your property by 7am on your scheduled collection day.

For households without wheelie bins, we advise that you place your rubbish out in the morning to avoid animals ripping open your rubbish sack, however if you cannot do this please place it out as late as possible the evening before. You could face a fine if your rubbish is placed on the pavement more than one day in advance of collection. Making use of the weekly food waste service will also help to deter animals and reduce smells.

Flats or estates

If you live in a flat or estate please use your communal rubbish bin/ area to dispose of your rubbish.

If you do not have a communal rubbish bin please contact customer services on 020 8825 6000 to find out where your rubbish will be collected from.

Residents or estate managers who want to change from sacks to communal bins should contact customer services 020 8825 6000. The site will be assessed for its suitability to store a communal bin.

Communal bins can be bought from the council, and collections will be free of charge. One bin is recommended for six premises.