Request a bulky items collection

Terms and conditions

  1. We do not collect form commercial premises or sites.
  2. Please note, the charge for up to eight items and fridges or freezers is a charge for domestic properties only, and is an administration fee which is non-refundable.
  3. No concessions are available for this service.
  4. Items must be easily visible and accessible at all times for both quotation and collection from the front or side of properties. Operatives are not permitted to enter the dwelling or contact customers beforehand. Customers are not required to be available on a collection day as items will be visible for pick up.
  5. It is your responsibility to ensure items are presented correctly for collection. We reserve the right, for collection staff not to collect items on inspection which breaches health and safety legislation.
  6. A quotation is valid for 21 days.
  7. In the instance where a quotation has been provided, we are unable to give an appointment - only collections for up to eight items or for fridges and freezers may have appointments. Once a quotation has been made, please call the council if items need to be changed as a new quote will be required.
  8. The collection of a domestic fridge or freezer needs to be raised separately to all other items. No more than three domestic fridges or freezers must be booked in any one collection.
  9. Any overgrowth or vegetation needs to be cleared for easy access. Please make sure vegetation is no more than 50cm high. Items must be no more than five metres walking distance from the public highway, and be located on pavement level.
  10. Each item for collection must be of a size, shape and weight as to be easily carried by two persons. Broken glass must be wrapped, boxed and clearly labelled.
  11. A box containing a number of items is classified as one item; please list this as one item in the items for collection.
  12. Please note that where an item has been broken into pieces, and it has not been securely bundled together, bagged or boxed, it will be classed as a number of items. Please list each item separately.
  13. Arrangements will be made for items to be collected within five working days (Mon-Fri 7am-5pm) from when we receive payment. If an appointment day has been booked, residents must ensure that the items are placed out for collection by 7am on the scheduled appointment day.
  14. It is your responsibility to ensure items are presented correctly.
  15. Any items not on your booking form at the time of payment - will not be collected and no refunds will be available.
  16. We cannot be held responsible for items taken by a third party and refunds will not be offered.
  17. The council will not collect any builders rubbish, bricks, concrete, iron baths, pianos, asbestos, earth, sand, gravel, tins of paint, oil, boilers or chemical storage tanks, gas cylinders, tyres, batteries or dead domestic pets. Engine oil (in a clearly labelled container) and batteries can be put on top of your recycling bins.

Means of disposal

  • asbestos and other hazardous waste requires specialist removal. Contact a hazardous waste contractor.
  • boilers - metal boilers can be disposed of as scrap metal at Greenford Re-use and Recycling Centre.
  • building/DIY supplies eg bricks, builders rubble, concrete, earth, sand, gravel.  This waste should be taken to Greenford Re-use and Recycling Centre and vehicles must pass over the weighbridge. Charges may apply.
  • cast iron baths - should be taken to Greenford Re-use and Recycling Centre.
  • dead domestic pets - should be taken to a veterinarian surgery for disposal
  • oils - eg lubrication oils or greases, heating oils, cooking oils. Cooking oil can be taken to either of the re-use and recycling centres for recycling.
  • engine oil - should be taken to: Greenford Re-use and Recycling Centre.  Alternatively, engine oil only can be placed in a plastic bottle clearly labelled as 'engine oil' and put on top of your blue recycling bin.
  • tins of paint - these should be taken to Greenford Re-use and Recycling Centre for re-use
  • wrapped disposable nappies - should be placed in your normal, household rubbish

Re-use and recycling centres

You may dispose of your household waste at Greenford Re-use and Recycling Centre. Charges apply at the site for trade/commercial waste and for DIY or building waste.