Garden waste recycling

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The garden waste collection will see your grass and pruning clippings conveniently collected each fortnight, on your normal refuse and recycling collection day.

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Subscriptions are now open for 2019/20, if you currently don't get collections please sign up.

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What happens next?

  • When your container is delivered you will get a guide to the new service, detailing what you can recycle in your containers and how you can check your collection day

Please read the terms and conditions

If you are unable to present your garden waste containers at  the front of your property you can arrange for an assisted collection


Subscriptions to the service can be renewed yearly on 1 April.

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About the service 

The garden waste collection service runs from 1 April to 31 March each year.

The annual subscription cost is £75. As a subscriber you will receive a fortnightly collection and a choice of a wheelie bin or three reusable sacks.

Subscriptions from 1 October will receive a discount.

If you live in a property not suited to a wheelie bin or reusable sacks you can subscribe for biodegradable sacks.

A discount is available for residents over 65 or those in receipt of means tested benefits.