Planning application process

Assessment and decision


If a site visit is required, your case officer will contact you to make arrangements. 

Your application will be assessed. Consultation comments and relevant planning policies will be taken into consideration and a recommendation will be decided by the planning officer. 


You will be sent a decision notice outlining whether permission has been granted or refused. The officers report will set out how we came to that decision. Both the decision notice and report will be published online.

If permission is granted it may be subject to certain planning conditions including further details that have to be approved before development begins.

Most applications will be decided within eight weeks. For major applications, the timescale is between 13-16 weeks depending on whether the application is subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The timeframe may be extended if you have entered into a Planning Performance agreement (PPA) as part of your application.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you have the right to appeal the decision.

When permission is granted

When permission is granted, you have three years to start work on your development.  If you haven't started work after three years, you will need to re-apply and start the process again.